6th Grade

This page includes what I think about my subjects in school…


Summary: I really like math now and understand so much more than I have before. Everything from two-step equations to the area of a cylinder, my teacher knows how to make math interesting!


Summary:Although there is not much graded homework, there certainly are awesome experiments. We learned about motion and Newton’s third law last nine weeks, and we are currently learning about waves (energy waves, not ocean waves, even though ocean waves are energy waves).

Social Studies

Summary: We have been learning about Europe in Social Studies. After learning of Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages, we are learning about the Industrial Revolution. There are folders online that we look through and take notes on, either through websites or Jing podcasts.


Caesar’s English and GUMP take up much of English. We are taught Latin stems and words, a great help while reading. Our class has just finished the first twenty lessons in Caesar’s English, which is one-hundred roots and stems! GUMPS stands for Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, Punctuation, and Spelling. The first semester, GUMP was simply diagramming sentences and identifying the parts of speech. Now, we are getting specific about sentence parts such as Transitive Verbs and Predicate Subjects and many more.

Question for the audience: in the sentence:

“I write sentence every Thursday”,

What are the parts of speech for “every” and “Thursday”?


Literature might just be one of my most favorite subjects. We have read several books now, and also do FPS-which stands for Future Problem Solving, a competetive competition about solving future problems. We recently finished Robinson Crusoe, and we actually survived. It’s pretty good, but lengthy, and is on my “Book Reccommendations” post. Here is the wikispace for Robinson Crusoe notes.


 Art is one of my hobbies, and I naturally like the class. Even though it is over for the nine weeks, people can still check art on Artsonia.


This is also finished, but each student studied a different subject. To see my speech on global warming, click here.

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