Worth a Thousand Words

The picture is worth a thousand words

We only know so few

go to this website to see my poem because I don’t know how to put it in a post!

This is called a PicLit, or a Picture to inspire Literature. From piclits.com, my Lang. Arts teacher introduced it to us yesterday and I have written several already. ūüôā It’s where¬†hundreds of pictures inspire poetry or meaning or just plain fun.


October 31:Hallowe’en,¬† All Hallow’s eve, Night of the Great Pumpkin, whatever you call it, last night was Halloween! I don’t really ‘celebrate’ Oct.31 by going all crazy costumes or tricking treaters, but the candy is nice too. My favorite part of Halloween is watching ‘It’s the Great Pumkin, Charlie Brown!” It’s an old movie and I have seen it about ten times, but I love it anyway. Happy November!GREATPUMKIN

Fall Retreat!

On Friday I went on a 2day reatreat with my church that was all about peace. We rocked out in singing and played outside games like Bonkers, Sardines, and Apple Slingshot Dodgeball. Everyone gathered round the campfire and ended up playing board games till midnight. On the second day I also went hiking and tie-dyed. It was awesome and I feel totally refreshed!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when most of the games were going on, but here are some pictures! (I am not the world’s greatest photographer. . .)

the bus

The bus we rode on

cedar cabin
The girl’s cabin
My bunkbed
uno cookies
Betting cookies in card games.
Some pictures I took of the trees:
a roadtrailleaves