Books, Books, and More Books!

I thought that I would be extremely busy this summer, having vacations(one) and hanging out with friends(okay, sometimes) and doing all this athletic stuff(well, I try). It turns out I am busy–but I’m reading more than I ever have in summer! I’d like to reccomend so many books, but here are some new authors I discovered that I want to give a tribue to:

Books for teens, sci-fiers, mysteryers and adventurers:
Melody Carlson(True Colors series and Diary of a Teenage Girl series)
Mindy Starns Clark(Trouble With Tulip Trilogy, Million Dollar Mysteries series)
Chris D’Lacey*(the Fire Within series)
Jeanne DuPrau(The City of Ember, Car Trouble)
Margaret Peterson Haddix*(Running Out Of Time, Among The Hidden, Found)
Gordon Korman*(No More Dead Dogs, Schooled, and 39 Cluesbook II)
Rick Riordan*(Lightning Theif series, 39 Clues I)

people who wrote only one or two books but are good enough to make this long long list:
Jennifer Choldenko(Al Capone Does My Shirts)
Suzanne Collins*(Hunger Games)
Jessica Day George(Dragon Slippers)
Catherine Gilbert Murdock(Dairy Queen)
SF Said(Varjak Paw)
Cynthia Leitich Smith(Rain is not my Indian Name)
Trenton Lee Stewart*(The Mysterious Benedict Society)
Tim Wynne-Jones(LORD OF THE FRIES and other stories)

*Ones with asterisks mean that they are fairly popular books and you can check other blogs like this one for reviews on books most likely similar these.


I could give the excuse that I was on vacation(which I was) but not for a whole month! I am terribly sorry to all who have and are read/reading my blog at the moment. I would like to now write at least ONCE A WEEK, and if I don’t, you can leave as many zillion reminders so that I will post again. But I can’t think of anything at the moment. Writer’s block. Sorry again, but I promise to blog once more soon!

New Pages, New Widgets, New Summer!

It is the first week of my official summervacation. Our school year ended on Thursday, but by Wednesday I miss it already.  I was talking with my friend Abbey about this subject; it seems like while waiting for something or something to be over, it is hard to realize how much one can miss something. Each year brings different happinesses and sadnesses, and I can–well, almost–hardly wait for next school year!

Anyway, there are now more pages and another widget added to this blog. According to a recent survey(See post “Edublogs Surveys”, I should make the top 2 responses to one question were “make the blog brighter, more attention getting,” and “add posts more often.”

Pages:A Plethora Of Pages(book reviews) and Mystery(My mystery)
Widget:Shelfari shelf(some of my favorite books)
There are also more posts to look at!

2 More Days Of School!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

I really can not believe it. This year has gone by so quickly, and now it is almost over! Is it not wierd that after someone is done waiting for something to be over, they miss it when it is? It is that way for me. I’m not saying that 24/7 homework is a great idea, but there are plenty of things that make school worthwhile. The field days, the reccesses, many of the teachers, and sometimes even the learning is a great experience that is hard to let go of. GOODBYE, school year!