I love school; I really do. Homework is frustrating but it helps me learn. But then there are tests; it’s like there are ‘only one or two’ each week! Sometimes when I just don’t feel great I blank out on a test. Here are some tips so that doesn’t happen:

1. Study! Look over the questions you don’t understand and try to answer an example question to see if you get it. However, it isn’t the best idea to cram information the night before a quiz. This can often cause sleep deprivation or your mind gets fuzzy with too much information.

2. Listen to EVERYTHING the teacher said; you really don’t want essay questions when you thought it was multiple choice.

3. Sleep well the previous night. This gets your mind focused without having you fall asleep at your desk.

4. Eat a good breakfast. Don’t grab a donut to eat on the bus; studies show that eating something like cereal or toast keeps you alert before a test.

5. Get everything ready for the test day. Lay your clothes out and get your bookbag packed, especially if your test is in the morning. Don’t end up too frazzled or you might not be able to concentrate.

6. Motivate yourself. If you don’t want to pass a test, it won’t happen. This goes along with studying, but make sure you’re learning or it’s not important.

7. Play fair. Don’t cheat or pretend to be sick; someone always finds out. I’m not kidding. If it’s not that day, someone will find out.

I hope you can follow these guidelines to help you on your next questionnare, as well as myself!

Good vs. Evil

 Here is a little poem that I have just finished. It is called “Choosing Chivalrous Choices”

Wakes up and opens its eyes

Exclaiming a gold, bright surprise.

Gives what he receives and always acts kind

Because he is good in soul and mind.


Glum and sinister, darker than ash

Scene that seems to cut like a gash

Shadowy eyes, a sign that isn’t pretty

Contained like an animal, but can never be pitied


One of these is good, the other full of evil

One is like an angel, the other like a devil,

Your final choice is the path you take,

You decide with all the choices you make.


Strive for the light lest you might

Turn away to the other side.

Stay on the path from dawn till night

Depart from the sadness into the light.

Types Of Rhyming

There are many types of rhyming that we are learning about in school. There are masculine rhymes which rhyme and look the same, feminine rhymes that have the same last syllables (ex:night, delight). There are also near rhymes that almost rhyme (ex: line, sublime), eye rhymes that look the same but are pronounced differently (ex: evil, devil), and end rhymes. We also learned about alliteration, assonance, and consonance.

Mary The Science Project- Part 2

Friday was our last day to work on our science projects, and Mary the-tin-can-with-wheels still was not moving. Unfortunately for her, we took her apart and tried to create a new project. My group and I named the CD wheels Bella and the can Lucy. And yet it still did not work! We are going to try to  work on the vehicle one more time after the weekend. Remember to never give up on something even if it is impossible.

Mary The Science Project

Today in science we worked on vehicles that related to Newton’s Third Law. Newton’s Third Law states that an object that has had force applied to it will counter the same amount of force in the opposite direction(I know that the last post stated that Newton’s Third Law was incorrect, but you can look that up for yourself.)Our group thought that the balloons attached to the side looked kind of like pigtails, and the can was like a body, so we named her Mary the Science Project.