For my research project, I am creating it on this Edublog. I am debating about global warming and if it is a threat to the human race.

For those who would like to read my entire research page, it is posted here.

For those who don’t really like reading long speeches, here is my power point (coming very soon!).

Most might imagine global warming ruining the world by melting the world’s ice caps and shriveling plants into nothing, but will that really happen? Will the North Pole melt south? Will water evaporate to nothing or drown us in constant storms? What will happen to Aunt Millie’s pie if it’s left out on the windowsill on a hot day? Whatever your reason might be, here’s a thought: when a lion escapes, it can do a number of things, but most likely someone will attempt to prevent it to do anything harmful, right? The lion is just a small example on how much damage a warming world could cause. I believe that global warming is a threat to the human race and it will continue to grow, but only if we allow it.

I say this because of the following reasons: Carbon dioxide buildup, ice meltdown, and possible hostility for fertile land. CO2 is the same as carbon dioxide, which could build up due to heat, causing more heat, creating more CO2, et cetera. This can encourage wild, dangerous, or strange plants and animals and by giving them the heat and carbon dioxide which they need, which and create harsher allergies, diseases, and physical injuries to some people. For example, global warming can give small insects such as ticks and mosquitoes, which carry diseases, more endurable climates to spread around maladies.

However, this information is just about possible occurrences on land. Frozen seas and lakes can also melt and thin due to global warming. In fact, the world’s ocean’s surface levels could rise between 4 inches and 3 feet by 2010. Plus, the in governmental Panel on Climate Changes believes that the average temperature will rise up to 3 degrees Celsius, which can cause numerous situations, including drought and changes in weather patterns. Some places such as including Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, and Samoa have already been affected by bodies of water affected by global warming. In 1992, a powerful storm, which had risen due to warming climates, hit Manhattan and flooded several subway stations.

While some places might be scorched to the bone (or core), especially those near the equator, other places in the far North like Canada, Alaska, and Scandinavia might have benefits of warmer climates and fertile land and enjoyable temperatures. Therefore, wars might erupt in search of not-as-harsh countries to live in.

Several people might say that global warming is not a threat. I admit that it is true that several news articles have been exaggerating the effects of global warming. In Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, the “inconvenient truth” is that much of the information is false. For example, the fact that is stated about polar bears becoming scarce because of thin ice contrasts with the fact that polar bears are slowly growing to a larger number. Although it is a genuine fact that global warming might not get as bad as we think it could be, no one is quite sure of the final effects will be in global warming.
Global Warming might not affect the Earth all in one large ball of heat, but deliberately it can change what is around us. Whatever you believe, the world is still constantly changing. Preventing global warming also means keeping the air, water, and land clean, and every bit of help counts.

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